“I Truly Feel Better, Every Day.”

From joint pain to sore muscles, this stuff actually works. Keeping up my cycling routine at 50 would be impossible without a little help from my friends at Aspen Green! These hemp and CBD products are unparalleled in their quality.

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Treat Your Body To Pure Goodness

  • These products are designed for people like you and me, who are obsessed with quality and sustainability.
  • Aspen Green’s hemp plants are grown organically under strict, clean farming conditions.
  • Full-spectrum extraction ensures that beneficial vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, terpenes, and flavonoids are captured in every bottle and jar.
Why Choose Aspen Green?
Certified USDA Organic

Aspen Green’s Colorado hemp is grown and harvested on USDA Certified Organic farms under strict, clean farming conditions.

Tested For Purity

Third-party laboratories analyze these products to ensure phytocannabinoid counts are spot on, and that there are no contaminants such as mold, salmonella, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Toxin & Contaminate Free

Free of toxins, all of Aspen Green’s products do NOT include ingredients suspected to have negative effects on the health and safety of users or on the environment.

Featured Products
Pain Relief Body Balm


Muscle Relief Cooling Cream


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (3000MG)


Helps Foot Pain

“The Pain Relief Body Balm really works very well for my chronic foot pain. I would recommend Aspen to anyone. Shipping was fast.”

Denise F.


Best Value

“My family and I love Aspen Green! The USDA Certified Organic 3000mg strength Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (extract) is the best value.”

Brandon L.

Improved Sleep

“Started using the 2000mg oil for better night sleep and couldn’t be happier with results.”

Ryan P.

Why I Love Their Story

I’ve seen many companies who won’t tell you how or where their hemp is grown, while others may not even know themselves. I sleep soundly knowing that all Aspen Green products are grown here in the U.S., in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. They talk about quality, integrity, and transparency and I have witnessed this company hold true to all of those promises, in every aspect of their business. I’m proud to partner with them to bring you, what I believe, to be one of the best hemp and CBD products on the market.

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